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where to start

First we meet over coffee, phone or Skype (depending on where you are – freiWorks is based in Toronto, Canada) and decide whether we’re a good fit, whether freiWorks can build the kind of website you want the way you want when you want.

If yes, you pay a deposit, we set you up with a userid and login and the work begins.

We work together to identify the purpose of your website, the look you want and the functionality you need. You decide on the theme you want to use and the details of pages, menus, sidebars and footers, and what features and capabilities (plugins and widgets) you want.

Then we build the website and load your content.

Next, you take it for a test-drive to check it out and identify any details you might like tweaked.

Then we tweak any details that need it.

Once your website is up we get together for training.

For the final step, you pay the balance and we turn the website over to you along with a disk with all the documentation about your website – and we email you a pdf as well.

And, from time to time, we’ll touch base to check that things are still comfortable for you on the website front!

For more detail on how we work with you to build your website have a look at the process.