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the process

You start with our website worksheet.

Then you decide what you want your website to look like

The look of a WordPress website is created by its theme. The theme selects what WordPress functionality you can use and anything to do with your website’s appearance – the colours, the placement of images and text, the number of columns, sidebars and menus and where these appear.

If you don’t have a specific theme in mind, go to the WordPress themes page and find three or four themes you like the look of and have features you need.

Other things to look for in a theme include

  • is the theme responsive? A responsive theme adapts itself to display well on devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • when was the theme last updated?
  • how is it rated by users
  • what is its support track record – how many of the reported issues have been resolved and how quickly?

Once you have identified what you want in your website
and either the theme you want or two or three themes you like, we get together to work out the shape of your website and you sign off on the design.

Then you put together the content – images, text, links etc. – you want on your website when it goes live and send them to freiWorks

and freiWorks builds your website

If you’d like to find out more about working with us contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can (within 24 hours Monday to Friday and 48 hours on weekends).