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the cost

Building websites

We build your unique website from the theme you choose and our selected range of plugins.

Your new website will cost $1000 and includes six hours of consultation and/or training.


If you decide you want to look after your website yourself and need additional training or help, we can provide these at $75 an hour with a minimum charge of one hour.

If you decide you want us to look after your website for you, we offer an annual membership for $360 that provides up to twelve hour’s work, which comes out to $30/hour – less than half the regular fee. If you find you need more than twelve hours’ work, the members’ fee for additional time is $60/hour with a minimum charge of one hour.

what else you will pay for

If you want to keep your costs to a minimum, the only things you will pay for separately are your domain registration,  domain privacy (optional but strongly recommended) and a hosting service. 

wordpress-logo-only-rgb23pxWordPress itself is always free and there is a huge range of free themes, plugins and widgets.

Akismet and MailChimp have free versions. If you choose to use a paid-for version we will help you arrange it but you need to pay for it yourself.

Hosting service

  • if you don’t already have a hosting service, we will help you arrange it and you will have to provide them with credit card information.
  • we strongly recommend bluehost. They are excellent for small websites; their help line is 24/7, their wait times are short or nonexistent and they’re actually helpful. Very helpful. They have hosted our sites for years and we now have an affiliate arrangement with them.
  • if you prefer a different hosting service we will cheerfully set it up for you.


  • If you’re in Ontario, Canada you also pay 13% HST.

If you’d like more detail about how we can help you with your website feel free to contact us!