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In October 2010 I inherited the care and feeding of a local community organization’s website. Looking around for a way of building a website that would be comfortable for non-techies to live with I discovered WordPress.

After more than fifteen years’ experience with a wild array of complex and specialized computer languages, I fell in love with its flexibility, elegance and ease of use – it’s fun to work with, and the technicalities don’t get in the way of creativity.

Then I discovered the WordPress community with its underlying philosophy of openness and its determination that publishing should remain democratic for everyone, forever.

The core WordPress software is built by hundreds of volunteers, and, through hundreds of meetups, WordCamps and other events, the WordPress community spreads knowledge, makes connections and keeps ideas growing.

So freiWorks  is one woman – me, Helena Frei – plus a community of people who love WordPress.

While I do most of the work myself, I have friends, family and colleagues who know WordPress and whom I can bounce ideas off of, or who can help me when a website needs something really specialized.

When I’m not working with WordPress I follow my other passion – textiles – in my blog fabriholic.com and curate Hard Twist, an annual show of textile art at the Gladstone Hotel here in Toronto.

I also garden,     Helena Frei's garden in spring       Ferocity the cat sees a squirrel in the garden     have the obligatory cat, do family stuff, volunteer with the Costume Society of Ontario and the Kensington Market Action Committee, play with the Toronto branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism and work on my personal blog redefininglittleoldlady.com